What are eight unique features of e-commerce technology

Eight unique features of ecommerce technology that differs from traditional commerce

  1. Ubiquity: web and internet access is available in all locations
  2. Global Reach: technology that crosses national boundaries
  3. Universal Standards: standards shared by nations around the world
  4. Richness: the complexity of content within a message
  5. Interactivity: technology that communicates interactions with users
  6. Information Density: availability of information and its quality
  7. Personalization: allows personalization of messages that can be sent to individuals or groups
  8. Social Technology: use of social networks enables users content and distribution

To sum things up, these eight unique features of e-commerce has allowed users to reach a broader range of consumers and a variety of customers all over the world and has made the use of ecommerce  much more importance and significant than before.

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