Heartbleed Bug?

First off, what is the heartbleed bug? A red bug that has some sort of defense mechanism with red excretion? Or is it a drink?

It’s neither. The heartbleed bug, according the businessinsider.com, is actually a flaw in the OpenSSL, the open-source encryption used by the mass of websites that have to transmit data users want to keep secure. Basically, the heartbleed bug is a serious vulnerability in the OpenSSL software library. This is a vulnerability that allows the stealing of information protected by the SSL/TLS code, meaning anyone can have the ability to read the memory of systems and steal valuable data directly from users and services. 

So how does this affect ecommerce websites? Because ecommerce is a business that runs over the Internet, it means a threat to both buyers and sellers. To put it simply, buyers’ private information and payment card number are at risk and sellers should try to protect their customers.

Everyone can be a victim of the heartbleed bug because using it leaves no trace. All your valuable information that is stored online might be stolen and your accounts may be at risk. To protect yourself, you should change your passwords on websites every once in a while, especially for the sites that have more privacy concerns.


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