Major E-Commerce Trends

When you research what the current trends of e-commerce are, you’ll come to find a long variety of different trends listed. Things like, going global but staying local, better delivery, high availability – the list goes on. But out of the longs lists and different trends you’ll find in your search, which are the top ones?

After doing some research, reading multiple articles, and then comparing the individual trends lists with one another, there are three trends that were most common in these articles.

Top 3 Current trends

  • Use of mobile devices: more companies are building websites that can be used on mobile devices. The amount of people with smart phones is growing and will only continue to grow. There are plenty of consumers that do their shopping on their devices because of it’s ease of use and options available.
  • Personalization: They want their customers to feel special. By offering them deals, personalized ads, and suggested items, it gives the feel that ‘oh, they’re paying attention.’ Stores with an actual presences already give the opportunity for shoppers to customize and modify what they want, but having that availability online would be even better.
  •  Big Data: the collection of large amounts of data allows for companies to learn more about their customers so they can them market their items or personalized to fit a customers interest.

Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5  6

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