Final – Section 1, Portals


Enterprise Portals: serves as a company’s portal for employees, customers, partners, and the general public to obtain information on a company’s date.

  • SteelCase is an enterprise portal for a more capable way of customer relationship management.
  • They gain revenue by selling their products and services to users in different countries, offering software in a variety of languages.

General Purpose Portals: a gateway for users to connect to the web and later used as a default site.

  • Netscape is a computer service company that offers it’s user access to web browsing.
  • Netscape gains its revenue by also selling software.

Vertical Market Portals: a narrow portal that provides information on a specific industry. These portals would be seen as a business-to-business community.

  • is an example of a vertical portal. It offers and converting direction to change one file into another. (ex. pdf to word or word to pdf)
  • Gains revenue from user count as it offers users to sell their conversion tools as well.

Affinity Groups: groups that share a common interest or goal.

  • is where fans of all kinds can come in and write fictional pieces of their bases to share with others…..
  • Web advertisement is their source of revenue

Focused Content Groups: similar to affinity groups and vertical markets where it focuses on a specific group, focused content groups center around a certain subject.

  • is a gaming site that garners revenue through subscription and web advertisement.
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