Final – Section 2, Strongest Ecommerce Trends of 2014

When you go onto the internet and search for the top ecommerce trends or the strongest ecommerce trends, you’ll find a whole batch of results from multiple authors all saying different things. You can simply read just two are three articles and you’ll come to realize that no authors agree on the same things as the biggest trends. There may be some similarities or common ground that authors listed but no list is an exact match.

So then, what are the top trends? No one can say really as one trend serves one purpose and another trend does something else. The three trends listed below are simply my take on the scene and what I see as being the top three and how they relate to one another.

  • Going Mobile
  • Mobile Advertisement
  • Enhancing Customer Experience

Going Mobile: many companies now are creating apps to offer to their customers and creating a mobile app is no longer an after thought. The big shift from website to apps comes from the fact that many people now own smartphones, the rate much higher than it was in 2012, and they spend most of their time on their devices. Going mobile offers customers the same content as it would on a companies website but on the go. Unlike websites where you’ll need internet connection, downloading an app makes it possible for consumers to check in anywhere with their mobile devices.

Mobile Advertisement: of course, if companies are going mobile and users are downloading apps, wouldn’t it make sense for mobile advertisement for optimum opportunities? Larger companies understand that going mobile is getting big so they jump at the chance to advertise their products and services on mobile.

Enhancing Customer Experience: why is enhancing customer experience such an important thing? Simple, you want them to come back. Merchants should not only focus on making a customer’s experience valuable in stores but online as well. All Internet users have one thing in common, and that is a short attention span. When they go on a website and it takes to long to load or has to many things going on, they’re going to leave that website and going find something else. This ties up with going mobile. Companies want to boost a customer’s experience through quality content by not only making an app simple and easy to use, but engaging to the user as well. They offer abilities to users in mobile that at times, you can’t do in stores. Examples can be saving favorite items, checking out reviews, deals and coupons, customization, and many more.


The three trends listed above aren’t simply just trends of ecommerce but trends that tie in together to make one marketable strategy. They start out as different things but if one company uses them together, they’ll weave in with one another and work together like glue to help out merchants and users as well.


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